sexta-feira, agosto 21


Andy: You are perfect because your flesh and blood on the organs and bones. And you can name all of them! You’re so cool.

(Weeds Season 5, Episode 11: Ducks and Tigers)

(Celia falls while trying to do an exercise)
Celia: (defending herself) I went through chemo.
Older lady in class: I went through chemo!

Another lady: Yeah, me too!
Celia: Yeah, well I had radiation.
Older lady: I had radiation
Other lady: So did I.

Celia: Plus, low blood sugar

Older lady: Type 1 diabetes

Other lady: Type 2 for me
Celia: Oh, fuck you both.

(Season 2, Episode 3: Last Tango in Agrestic)

Gretchen: Will you stop hitting on my boyfriend?
Kat: Hold him too tight, and he’ll turn to dust.
Gretchen: Bite me.

(Season 2, Episode 11: Yeah, Just Like Tomatoes)

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weeds é brutaaal!